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You can now visit Dr. Lee's blog by clicking here!
View famous drink recipes, drink ideas, and enjoy his humorous stories.

The Bartender Hall Of Fame is sponsored by

Having a party and need a world class bartender? Well, Dr. Lee (being retired) is now listing his services for hire at extremely fair prices! You may e-mail Dr. Lee at  lnlshow@aol.com or call him at his new cell phone number, (925) 639-3048. He has asked to please schedule in advance due to demand, especially during the holiday season.

June 2007 marks the year in which Dr. Lee retired with 28 years service.


Only at the club could such a bartender be found. World class with credentials to prove it, Lee Williams, or Dr. Lee as his business card reads, serves members and guests with style and personality. I have had the honor of meeting Mr. Williams and can vouch that everything you hear is true. His warmth and sincerity is as smooth as any single malt Scotch with the aged wisdom of a well stored, vintage, Dom Perignon. 

In December, 2015, Dr. Lee visited the club to enjoy the new bar and experience the wonderful new offerings. This was his first time seeing
the revised club and he was exceptionally impressed, stating that perhaps he retired too soon.

Below is an article on Lee, I'm sure you'll enjoy reading. 

Club 33 bartender, Lee Williams is inducted into the Bartender Hall of Fame!

Recognition ... with a twist

Lee Williams is inducted into the Bartender Hall of Fame. But school kids know him as the 'Safety Man.'

August 24, 2001

The Orange County Register

ANAHEIM -- Lee Williams serves life lessons and a smile along with his smooth Jack Daniel's Manhattans and lip-smacking Lemon Drops.

The 48-year-old bartender, known as Dr. Lee to his customers at Disneyland's exclusive Club 33 and the high-end Mr. Stox Restaurant, was recognized for his talent and community service with his induction into the 140-member Bartender Hall of Fame on Thursday. With a brief presentation at Mr. Stox, Williams became the first bartender in Orange County to achieve the honor.

For 18 years, Williams has dispensed cheer and alcoholic delights to wealthy, prominent individuals five days a week. But the Moreno Valley resident takes on a different personality off-duty, volunteering in classrooms each week to talk to children about safety.

Williams was all thumbs when he first began mixing drinks, combining incorrect ingredients and referring constantly to a manual. But he eventually found his rhythm and developed a reputation for being one of the top bartenders in Southern California.

"It takes talent and your memory has to be really good," he said. "If you've gotta make 40 drinks in a few minutes and you have to make them right and ring them all up and balance out at the end of the night, you gotta be quick on your feet."

Williams likens bartending to performing and said he forgets his personal problems when at work. He wants to ensure guests are happy.

"I might have the worst day and you wouldn't know it," he said. "At the bar, we make you feel wanted. It's a place to relax and unwind after a rough day."

And working in high-end establishments, you have to like talking to people and knowing that customers demand exceptional service, he added.

On busy, stressful nights, Williams said he'll hum a tune to himself to remain mentally focused.

Only eight bartenders each year, chosen from about 2,000 nominations, are recognized for their professional contributions, community involvement and high standards of performance and customer service. Williams' wife, Mary, nominated him.

"Honorees are selected for being well-rounded individuals, not their speed of making drinks," said Ray Foley, who established the Hall of Fame in 1989 and publishes New Jersey-based Bartender Magazine. "We look for people who add to the professionalism of tending a bar."

Williams began working as a ride operator at Disneyland in December 1981 and later transferred to Club 33 as a dishwasher and busboy.

Impressed with Williams' numerous visitor compliments, his managers in 1982 offered him a position as a bartender and sent him to bartending school. Seven years ago, Williams began working part-time at Mr. Stox for extra money.

Mr. Stox owner Ronald Marshall said Williams' bright demeanor and community service make him "not only a Hall of Fame bartender but also a Hall of Fame person."

And it shows with Williams' commitment to children.

A presentation on safety 10 years ago as a room parent developed into a weekly visit from "Mr. Williams, the Safety Man" at various Riverside elementary schools.

Williams volunteers every Monday, his day off, to talk to children in four or five classrooms about safety issues, such as not playing with guns and matches and using bicycle helmets.

"I thought my free time would be better spent talking with kids and helping prevent accidents," he said.

And Williams, who has been married for nearly 20 years and has two daughters, 15 and 17, does not drink.

Despite his new Hall of Fame status, Williams said he'll continue to perfect his craft.

"I'm constantly learning," he said. "Sometimes I'll sit and watch other bartenders and see what I can do to make myself better."


This article was found on: http://www.ocregister.com/sitearchives/2001/8/24/local/bartender00824cci3.shtml


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