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I've been most fortunate to have enjoyed many wonderful meals at Club 33. The lunch buffet was always a delight, as it offered guests the opportunity to sample a number of hot entrees, each and everyone one a work of culinary art.

With the removal of the tradition lunch buffet, guests are allowed to select one hot entree from a menu. The size of the portion is adequate and access to the appetizer bar and dessert bar will certainly compensate for any remaining hunger pangs.

I miss the original buffet however. It was a joy to sample portions of their roasted pork, Jamaican style jerked chicken, steamed squash, select poultry, fresh fish of the day, and the list continues. The experience was beyond vocal description with praises sung by taste bud and endorphin.

While standing in line, which was only a minute or two at most, mingling with other club guests was quite exciting. Tom Hanks, Anthony Hopkins, and any number of celebrities could be next to you. Everyone on equal ground.

I asked the club manager why the full buffet was dismissed and he stated that some guests, due to business meetings, prefer to remain seated during lunch. The logic is certainly present but I personally feel that if one is to conduct a business meeting of such importance, prior arrangements should be implemented to allow for full service.

Lunch at the club, like most things Disney, should be an adventure. A concert of taste, smell and texture.

These are just my own opinions so please disregard should your feelings differ.


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