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Lounge Alley

The Lounge Alley has undergone a recent refurbishing with the addition of many classic Disney design artworks. Be sure to enjoy them and perhaps ask the host or hostess for a brief tour. Many of these pieces have not been viewed for many, many years, being stored within the Disney Archives.

When exiting the French Lift, you will be greeted by the Club 33 hostess or maitre' d.

Walt always wanted to know who was visiting the club and to make sure they were having a lovely meal, he wanted a small two-way mirror where he could peak into the Trophy room and see. This was the access door to the mirror and if you look at the lower edge of the cabinet door, you can see a small lock which secures the door from unauthorized use.


Historic photos adorn the halls of Club 33. Here we can Walt working on an early animation cell and in the opposing photo, Walt is seen with a large displays of Oscars.

Another lovely photo of the Club 33 Lounge Alley hostess desk and the phone booth used in the Walt Disney classic film, The Happiest Millionaire!

One of a series of original costume designer artwork, I believe this was for Babes in Toyland.

Costume design artwork for Mary Poppins!

Children's costume artwork also for Mary Poppins.

Limited edition Charles Boyer print of Walt enjoying breakfast at Club 33. Sadly, Walt passed prior to the club's opening, so the print is very sentimental to staff and members. These were available for sale within the club for a short time.

Costume design artwork from the 1967 release The Happiest Millionaire.

Cinderella's Castle design artwork.

Antique foyer table used in Mary Poppins!

This table was actually discovered in storage, forgotten for many, many years. After a complete restoration it can now be seen in the Lounge Alley.

Another historic bronze table, recently restored by the Disneyland paint and restoration staff.

Resting area across from the Club 33 bar.

The famous Club 33 bar! This is actually a newer addition to the club, not originally there in 1967.

Another view of the Lounge Alley floral display and here you can see the guest sofa.

Pirates of the Caribbean design artwork. These are wonderfully detailed pieces and truly worth examining during your next Club 33 visit! There are close-ups below.


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